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I'm doing this from a side-blog but whatevs. WHAT! is my name: Josh (o'course). WHAT! Is my favorite color!: Probs purple. But most of the 'cool' colors are nice. WHAT! Is my quest-- I mean, fave ship-- ummm it's a crossover that could never ever happen for a multitude of reasons but i still love it don't curr: an antihero-ish Joker with Lisbeth Salander. Their rapport would be epic ok. COME AT ME. icecream: mint choc. chip. I don't have a cat bc i have birds. ~le fin~

Oi! That ship, it’s never occurred to me, but it would be interesting to see how it would work!

Birds are totes awesome.

3 January 2013 1 note
  1. blacksheepboy- said: If he was still totally evil Lisbeth would kill him without a second’s hesitation but if he was sorta on the edge between evil and not-as-evil it would be kind of hilarious and epic.
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